Reaching Black Belt standard within KSK is something to be proud of and takes hard work and a dedication to the art of Karate-do.


Those aiming to achieve their Black Belt must take personal responsibility for reaching the required standard in order to be considered for grading. 

KSK run 3 Black & Brown Belt courses each year, for those who want to further their Karate learning. These courses are designed to focus solely on the higher grade sections of the syllabus, and help those from 3rd KYU in their preparation for grading.

As with any grading, it is not in the interest of the student, from both a confidence and monetary perspective, to undertake a grading where the individual has a significant number of areas for improvement. At no time is this more so true than when it comes to a Dan grading. In recognition of this, prior to any Dan Grading, we hold a Pre-Dan.

The Pre-Dan courses presents an opportunity for the individual to get an insight of what to expect at their Dan Grading. It also allows those on the Dan grading panel the opportunity to evaluate the individual student, their areas of strength, identify areas for improvement, and consider whether it would be feasible for the individual to effectively address any improvements, prior to the date of the Dan grading. Only those deemed ready will then be invited to attend the KSK Dan Grading

As part of their preparation, each student must ensure they attend a minimum number of courses, as dictated by their respective grade, within the 12 months prior to the grading. These being:

2nd & 1st KYU =

1 Black & Brown Belt Course

1st DAN & Beyond =

2 Black & Brown Belt Courses & the respective Pre-Dan

Only those students who have attended the required number of courses will be invited to attend the KSK Dan-Grading.

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